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We’re taking a stand
in a sea of brands that aren’t.

Microplastic waste. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s that nasty rubbish that ends up in the ocean and causes a load of trouble for fish. But you’ve probably not heard many contact lenses brands talking about it. So we are.

We know how easy it is to put your contact lenses down the drain. You’re in front of the sink. You can’t see. You can’t find a bin. You need somewhere to get rid of them. And yeah, they are small. Not that big of a deal - we hear you, we hear you. But once they are down the drain, they make a beeline for the ocean. And once they’re in the ocean, they become a pretty big deal. Especially for fish.

That's because contact lenses are hydrophilic. That means they attract bad stuff like bacteria and pathogens. So if they are eaten by ocean life (fish, turtles, the Kraken, etc) lenses can be really harmful.

So what happens when loads of people put their lenses down their drain? Well, in the US alone, contact lenses are creating about 20 - 23 metric tonnes of plastic waste in our oceans. Every year. And 23 metric tonnes is a lot. It’s around the weight of 2 London buses.

Lenny is here to help you help our sealife. Because with Lenny, you’ll find everything you need to use contact lenses in a more ocean-friendly way.